Friday, 30 November 2018

To approve the process of bio-mining in scientific manner for non procseeing solid waste in the city under swachh bharat mission (urban) GR GoM 13 Nov 2018

Use of satellite imaging technology for protection of wetlands in urban areas.GR GoM 16 Nov 2018

Constitution of Tender Evaluation and Approval Committee (TEAC) under World Bank aided National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project (NCRMP)-II at Maharashtra_Gr GoM 20 Nov 2018

Nomination of Government and Semi Government officers fourth world Congress on Disaster Management. GR GoM 22 Nov 2018

Increase in financial assistance to be given in case of death due to wild life attack. GR GoM 28 Nov 2018

ppointment of committee under the Chairmanship of Divisional Commissioner Aurangabad to study and give recommendations on the demands of earthquake affected persons. Regarding regularisation of unregistered transactions of private lands for building houses by the earthquake affected persons in the C class earthquake affected villages. Grant of ownership rights or permission to transfer the plots alloted to earthquake affected persons in the A and B Category earthquake affected villages. Allotment of available open plots in rehabilitated earthquake affected villages to earthquake affected persons and whose land have been acquired for rehabilitation purpose.GR GoM 28 Nov 2018

Delegation of powers to Sanction Tanker to Sub Divisional Officer during Scarcity period_GR GoM 29th Nov 2018

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Release of grant to Disaster Management Centre, YASHADA Pune_GR GoM _14 May 2018

modification in State Executive Committee Constituted under State Disaster Management Authority _GR GoM_14 May 2018

Grant release for protection of seashore through plantation (2406 8604 ) for the year 2018-19_GR GoM_ 21 May 2018

Release of funds to District Disaster Management Authority for Capacity Building and Training_GR GoM_28 May 2018

Constitution of Cabinet Sub Committee for taking decisions on relief in Natural Calamities_GR GoM 13 June 2018.

Administrative approval to Underground Cabling (UGC) work at Alibag town under NCRMP II_GR GoM_26 June 2018